Success: Time and Goals Essay

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Success Writing Assignment Success has a variety of different meanings to many people. It may be when you finally achieve your goals and get your career started, whether you’re happy with your life and the way it is going, or being comfortable with where you’re at in life whether it is spiritually, physically, mentally, or materialistically. It may simply be living well with a clean conscience. Success is striving for what you want your life to be in the long end. If you want to achieve something, work hard to accomplish what you strive in order to get what you want. (Therefore, that is being successful.) Success means achieving my goals, even if I have to face and overcome obstacles. I also feel that accomplishing life being financially stable plays a part in that. For me personally success is graduating college with a 4.0 GPA and getting my associates’ in science degree so that I can become a nurse. Another way success would benefit my life in the future would be having a good paying career, stable household, and a family to come home to every night. I have overcome many obstacles in my life (probably more than what a 20 year old should go through) but I still have a long ways to go before I can actually say that I am successful. Where I am right now in life is aiding me to achieve my goals and become the successful nurse, mother, and wife that I wish to be. I have many goals in mind that I need fulfill in order to achieve success. One of my short term goals would be to learn how to manage my studying skills wisely and to keep all of my school work and other documents that I need for other purposes organized. My long term goal is to find a job, or intern at a doctor’s office so that it will help me start practicing in the field that my career will be in. If I stick to these goals and have the right mindset, then I will be able to achieve my goals with no hesitation and get started on my career. By going to school, I am influencing what is in my pathway to start my future, even if it is just going to school and working full time. When setting goals and making plans for your future, there will always be obstacles to overcome. This will keep you from attaining your goals and becoming successful. The biggest barrier I have would be not being able to handle school work, working, and being a parent. I work a full time job and am a single parent and trying my hardest to get through school. I am terrified that I will get behind on my school work and get discouraged that my grades are slipping and eventually drop out. Another barrier that I am currently facing is procrastination. I do everything at the last minute because I fear that there is something going on that I might miss. When I am not that interested in