Essay about An Analysis of the Culture of Apple Inc.

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Introduction : background and environment
By investigate the corporate culture of the Apple Inc, a US-based consumer Electronics Company which creates, design, produce, path-breaking and world-changing electronic products and systems, including Macintosh line of computers, iPhone, Ipad and OS X operation system. The Apple store also provides hardware and software product for customers around the world.
Established since 1976, Apple Inc. has become the largest technology computer in the world according to Apple’s (2011) website. The goals of Apple Inc. are all aim to provide satisfaction of customers by reaching their high expectation to create product that exactly suitable for what they searching for. Apple Inc. is benefit from this as
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launched a new product, the staff in Apple store will made the whole atmosphere in the store like happening a carnival. The climate there encourage customers to feel the value lies in Apple by having dynamic environment, friendly staffs, showrooms that having lots of displays.
This is how American culture, foster innovation, openness and modern.
In this case, Apple just launched the regrettable MobileMe. Shortly after the failure of launching, this project stopped immediately. This incident definitely shown how this organization works, Steve fully have power to decide the whole company. When failure occurs, the decision comes up quickly and ruthless as Apple is not a company that can tolerate shortage of their products.
Apple Inc. always creating the choreographed products impresses the whole world. Visible product like mac computer and iPhones are observable and representing high-technology and user-friendly of Apple’s brand image in public’s eyes through a very remarkable launching strategies and process. According to Deal and Kennedy (1982), having a strong corporate culture like this can be the driving force behind continuing success in American business.
The style of this company in operating, launching new products, creating a new products, response to market are always making as quick as they can. As MobileMe is a failure, like Apple’s reaction to other issue, Apple dismisses the team immediately and change the system to a further