An Effective Speaker Essay

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An effective public speaker has the responsibility of informing the audience and keeping their attention. To accomplish these goals the speaker must take steps, set a strategy, identify the audience, prepare the message, and make the presentation. “Three main reasons for public speaking are to inform, persuade, and inspire” (Cooper, 1961) (Baack 2012). I have limited exposure to public speaking other than oral presentations at school and training coordinator at a previous job. While presenting my oral presentations in class I made sure that I was knowledgeable about the subject at hand and that I picked interesting topics. I was familiar with my audience and often took on leadership roles in group projects, so they knew that I could be persuasive. I would also outline my presentation using power point, making it easy to follow and easy to connect key points. “A well designed speech incorporates an introduction, body, conclusion, and preparation for questions” (Baack). As a training coordinator I set up visual aids and training packets for newly hired employees. I introduced the company to them through history and facts about the company. I explained that the job they were hired for was a team effort position and that there were no I’s in team (a company logo). This meant we worked as a team, we grew as a team, and we succeeded as a team. I assured them that opportunity for growth was attainable and within their reach. I believe that positive motivation is a