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Effective Communication

Effective communication is a very important part of the lives of everyday people. There are many things that good communication can achieve. It can help us to better understand a person or a certain situation, build trust and respect with the people around us and also to create environments where creative ideas, problem solving, affection and caring can exist. As simple as communication may seem, it is very important that we use communication properly otherwise some or much of what we are trying to say can be misunderstood. Misunderstanding can cause many problems, such as conflict in our personal relationships and frustration between us and family or friends. Strong emotions such as frustration, anxiety, anger and guilt can interfere with us being able to use effective communication skills and can often result different interactions. It is especially important to communicate effectively because it enables us to share our opinions openly with people and develop shared understanding, which are the main reasons for communication. Although speaking may seem like the only factor to effective communication, there is actually more to communication than just speech. Hand and body gestures and the listening skills of the other person also essential to achieve effective communication.

Gestures are an important part of effective communication and are used to help the words of speech to flow well and make more sense. If you were to speak happy words and in a light tone but at the same time be shaking your fist at whomever you’re speaking to, the people listening to you would sure to be confused. There are many type of non-verbal ways of communicating. Hand gestures, facial expressions and the tone of your voice are some of these examples. Hand gestures are one of the most observed but least understood actions. It is also very important to make the correct hand gestures in the right places. Something that would fine to do in one country may be seen as highly offensive in another country. An interesting fact is that using the “ok” sign in places like Australia would signify that you are feeling good and things are going fine for you, but this would be completely different in the Middle East. Doing this action in the Middle East would be like telling other people you are very angry and might do something harmful to someone. Hand gestures are also used for learning or just a sign of thinking aloud. People still use their hands to make gestures even though they’re on the phone and their partner can’t see them. The type and amount of hand gestures you make can also determine your intelligence to people that are listening to you. It is more important to have the right gestures because it is most often that the non-verbal messages are heard and believed. If you try saying, “I love you” to family but in a flat tone of voice and slouching your body, your partner would most likely not believe you! It is very important that you use the right gestures and make sure they are clear and easy for listeners to understand.

Speech is seen as the main part of communication between people. That is why it is important to learn to speak well. Effective spoken communication is about being able to express your ideas and views clearly, confidently and in a concise manner while promoting free flowing speech. There are many factors to being able to have effective spoken communication. It is essential for speakers to be clear and concise to their audience because it makes it less likely for the audience to become bored and also encourages questions. A good speaker will get straight to the point and avoid a long, embarrassing introduction. This prevents mistakes and boredom. Putting a variety to the tone of your voice, pace and volume enhances the communication. Repeating points you have already mentioned over and over again will frustrate your audience with useless information and builds resentment. It is also essential for the