An Essay About My Cultural Identity

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Cultural Identity

What is your cultural identity and what exactly is cultural identity? Cultural identity is what makes you who you are. It’s what your hobbies are or what you like to eat and do after and during school and what you type of family and the race you are. Your cultural does not depend on your sex or the age you are and your cultural identity does change over the years. It all depends on who you are and what you do with your life. You make your own cultural identity. Now I will tell you a little bit about my cultural identity.
My cultural identity is about what I do in life and what my hobbies are. I live to hunt I hunt deer, rabbit, squirrel, doves, and anything else that comes into my sights. I also enjoy cooking the animals I kill cooking is just another one of my hobbies I like to do. The main part of hunting of which I like so much is that I get to use the wild side of my I don't use a gun I only shoot with a compound bow because I feel it's more natural and not as easy to shoot at one. The main
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After the cleaning process I finally get to do my second favorite thing in my life that I live is cooking the meat of which I killed. My cultural identity is shown by the way of which I hunt which comes from my french side and the cooking comes from my cajun side. The things I do show the parts of the different cultures which make up me and my family. There are numerous things I do to show my cultural identity.
My cultural identity is shown by the thing i do and how i like to hunt. My french side is my hunting side of my cultural identity which really shows. My cajun side is show by how much i like to cook what i kill and not no store bought stuff and i use my own way of cooking. My cultural identity show you who i am and what i do that explains the way i live. So my cultural identity is shown in may of ways that show and explain who and what my cultural identity