An Overview of Leading a Group Essay

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Term paper
December 2, 2012

Overview of leading a Group
Oh where should I begin! I liked this class, and felt that it should have met weekly as it would have been nice to have some more time to watch the groups unfold into stages, so it wouldn’t seem so rushed. So, I co-leaded a group about how to deal with anxiety with Aubrey Rougier, and it went pretty well though there were times when I felt overwhelmed when my Leader wasn’t there during the working stage of the group. It put me under pressure because I felt disorganized and had to come up with a quick plan on how I would lead the group on my own. Once I had that figured out I began to feel more comfortable as I lead our group two different times, so I guess that I could be more comfortable being a solo leader, but then again that would depend on the dynamic in which I was placed.
It was very intimidating to sit there and ask people about their problems, and try to respond to the unusual answers and to the extent that some elaborated to. I found it hard to keep them focused, and address the topic we brought up, because they would kind of just go out on their own which in some cases it was either overwhelming, or then there was times when it flowed well, and then each member chimed in and participated accordingly. I think that in a real life scenario it will be different as there will not be “role playing”, but real life that we are addressing. The thought that real life is being impacted by what I say or do in certain situations is frightening. These are people, they are not robots that you can just order around and make do what you want, they are humans and I fear I might be doing more harm and damage to them then helping.
I do enjoy the group setting I find that it does give an opportunity for people to learn, expand, and become better adjusted, and not just a verbal free-for-all. I look forward to watching the complete process from start to finish and be inspired by the changes people make. So, over all I enjoyed this class, it was helpful, and it put things into a real perspective of the uneasiness one can feel with a bunch of people looking at you for direction. I think that I have gained insight into the process of group, and look forward to continuing to grow with in this field.
Being a member of the group was different, and at times it was difficult to open up and disclose personal information. I chose to go into one group and be honest about my life and some of the struggles that I had faced and continue to. The feedback of the other members was nice, and the caring that they showed when I got teary when talking about my issues revolving my family situations helped in knowing that it was safe to discuss the area and that they were supportive and interested in how I was. When I first started talking about this I was hesitant with whether I could trust people enough to talk openly, but the reassurance I experienced from the group, along with their feedback let me know that it had impacted them too, and they could relate. Knowing that they could benefit from my story, and that they even understood the impact that they themselves had made it possible to see the process of group and the way in which it can be therapeutic regardless of the reasons that bring you there. The other groups that I participated in was the Substance abuse prevention, well that was role play for me as I am not an alcoholic or drug user, and not a child of alcoholic parents, but I learned a lot about the process of using techniques to prevent yourself from drinking and triggers that cause you to relapse, and how it keeps the focus on short brief areas, and…