Analysis Of Behind The Beautiful Forevers

Words: 287
Pages: 2

CHILDHOODS….Doris Pilkington author from “Rabbit-Proof Fence” and Katherine Boo author from “Behind the Beautiful Forevers”, both analyzed in these excerpts of how childhoods were ruined. Katherine Boo did a better job conveying the challenges through the techniques and strategies such as actions, description and foreshadowing. Katherine Boo uses the strategy of using description to show how hard Abdul life is. The Husain’s have little and money must sleep outside. A quote that proves that is : “ Abdul was asleep on the gritty maidan, which for years has passed as his bad “. ( pg - 207) Overall Katherine Boo did a better job of describing where he slept by using the word “gritty maidan”. Another strategy Katherine Boo uses is foreshadowing.