Analytical Essay On Black Boy

Words: 1885
Pages: 8

The autobiography, Black Boy, is the account of Richard Wright’s, the author's, life. Black Boy is the memoir of a black boy’s childhood and young adulthood in the Jim Crow South. As Richard grows older, he learns of the racial differences between whites and blacks. Whites are clearly seen as “superior” race between the two. Disgusted by the injustice for his people, Richard begins to hunger for justice in the future regarding equality. Wright is deprived of education, food, and equality because of the color of his skin. Over the course of childhood to adulthood, Wright encounters several experiences concerning social injustice. Wright inputs his thoughts on certain situations during that time and he slowly comes to learn of corruption of the …show more content…
The article explains that no matter how successful or famous a person is, the common denominator for being profiling is being colored. “Most of these men have also been poor or working class. But high-earning professional black men say, they too, face challenges when dealing with police -- though sometimes the slights are less violent and more subtle.” (1, 2, 3-4) Wright would agree that people of color are discriminated against no matter their “status” as he is an intelligent colored man yet, her constantly faced inequality during his life. During the time Richard worked at the optical shop, he was driven off by whites instead of being respected like the rest of the co-workers due to the color of his skin. Professional black men are stating that they still face challenges against the police, "It's an ongoing daily battle among professional black men that white men don't have to deal with." (2, 8, 2). Colored people are induced by the psychological stress from racial profiling. African American argue that even though they respect the police, they also deeply fear them at times. Richard would able to relate as he understands reasons for distrusting the authoritative figures. This article is important is showcasing how different classes of colored people are all facing the unequal treatment from racial