Essay on Analyzing a Job: Human Capital Management

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Analyzing a Job

Analyzing a Job

Misty Diaz

HRM/531 Human Capital Management

July 18, 2011

Carol Jackett

Analyzing a Job

This paper will discuss changes made to a job description that was acquired from for a Sales Representatives/Service at Catholic Healthcare West. A job description is used to describe in writing the overall summary of a task or job requirements ( Wayne F. Cascio, 2010). Many organizations use job descriptions to ensure that the employees are aware of what he or she will be entering into as far as position requirements. When many people look for employment, a job description can verify if he or she has the qualifications for the position prior to applying for the job. Organizations use job descriptions when recruiting for positions within or outside of the organization.

Determining a Need to Create Job Position

When reviewing the job description posted on for the Sales Representatives/Service, their need for this job position was urgent. The reasoning behind this was because the start date actually was for someone to start as soon as possible. I would have changed that for a start date to be tentative pending a review. The former makes the description of the job sound too desperate. This description could cause a multitude of unqualified people to apply for the position. As the mentality could be that the organization would take anyone for this position, thus possibly sounding unprofessional and undignified.

Strategy to Use Outline the Position Details

The job description outline strategy on this position was details of the facility. The catch was how they offered all of the recreational information as well as city highlights. I think this was a creative way to catch the eye of a qualified candidate. They were able to relate work with play. It was a bit overplayed because working at the hospital in San Bernardino would make it a bit overwhelming to try and make it to Orange County in a short amount of time. But it does show the areas of interest if one relocated to the area, giving a sense of .


The duties in the job posting were clearly indicated in the job duties in a clear and concise manner. The responsibilities were not so clear. They were very vague which could leave a lot up to perception and one’s past experience. An example is “interacting with key customers such as physicians, managed care organizations, local employers and state and local government”. I would have changed this to the employee will meet in organized meetings to discuss the growth and geographical target of where the hospital wants to be positioned as outlined in the charter. Clearly giving an employee a specific job function can take the position where it needs to go. Many employee characteristics can change the role slightly because of one’s knowledge base as well as education.

Performance Requirements

The performance requirements for this position require the full understanding and active participation in fulfilling the Mission of St. Bernadine Medical Center. The line should be removed from the job posting as a candidate reading this has no idea of what the mission of the hospital pertains to and is still trying sort of take it all in. This would be best served where it can be covered in a new hire orientation or in a 90 day evaluation of the hospital setting. The posting also mentions one must plan the goals and direction of the hospital; at this point the candidate may know in general the direction the hospital wants