Essay on Anglo-saxons and True Hero

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Beowulf The truest hero is not measured by how epic he is but by how true he is. A true hero is one that is flawed, that has weaknesses. Someone who is courageous and brave but also who feels fear. A hero who feels fear and has enough courage and bravery to overcome anything is a true hero. The version in which Beowulf is modern and flawed is more convincing of a hero than one who is unbelievably strong to which is unhuman and where he is capable of doing god-like actions. Throughout the stories we read about Beowulf in the Anglo-Saxon era version, Beowulf did many things that would be almost impossible for an average person to do. It made him almost superhuman and god-like in many aspects. For example when he was in Grendel’s lair he was fighting a battle and he would get beaten up very badly but he seemed to be able to keep fighting although he was very injured. For a normal person they probably wouldn’t be able to survive from the attacks but he managed to keep going. Also in the stories, he was able to lift a sword that only gods could lift. This displays that he was inhuman and that he was capable of performing god-like actions. A true hero is someone who is true and pure, someone who is human but able to overcome challenges and obstacles through courage and strength. If people were to idolize their hero to be the Anglo Saxon era version and set out to be like him then that would be a huge problem. Many things that Beowulf did were superhuman like and if normal warriors were to attempt to be like him then they would most likely kill themselves attempting it. Many time Beowulf would fight with no armor nor weapons. He would win the battles and survive. Many warriors would not survive if they tried…