Essay about Animal Cruelty

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Although not everybody would agree, I want to argue that it is cruel to keep animals in captivity because they also have the right to live their lives just like us humans do. Try putting yourself in the shoes of those animals that have to suffer for no reason. Why do they have to sacrifice their lives so that we don’t have any problems living? Why t are they not allowed to live their lives the way they want and any way if we have the life we want why should we ruin others and especially of those poor innocent animals that have a big hand in giving us the super luxury that we have.

I have several reasons for arguing for this point of view; my first reason is that not all animals are wild, harmful and ferocious .so they should be held captive. The innocent animals are suffering in cages and pet homes whilst the wild ones are left free and are given the liberty to make other animals and creatures their prey. I think that we take advantage of the fact that animals aren’t powerful enough so we do anything we like to them but have you ever thought about what must be going on in their minds?

A further reason is that all living things should be able o live the way they want because needless to say we all have that right. Nobody should stand in the way of someone else due to selfishness. The animals are helpless as they have no idea what will happen to them. When we see animals in circuses we laugh at them however we never really understand that because of us they get tortured and abused by their owner as they have to be trained day and night to make a perfect performance.

Furthermore when we see the animals in the zoo we think that the animals are so cute and we feel proud to see that they are being looked after in such a good manner but do we ever realize that everything isn’t the way it