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There are many teaching purposes of Animal Farm. One of them is no matter what party is in charge, greediness in leadership is inevitable. The animals threw away Jones in hope for a better living condition. The animals gave all the leadership power to the pigs. When the pigs came into power, at first they had a few treats for example, apples and milk. But shortly after, the apples and milk were taken away from the animals and reserved for only the pigs. The pigs became greedy and at the end of the story, no different from how Jones treated the animals, perhaps even worse.

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George Orwell used animals for animals so that what happened in the Russian Revolution would be simplified in the form of animals in a farm for the mass majority to understand. The second reason would be so he would not get in trouble for criticizing the leaders in Russia because he was technically telling of a story of animals in a farm.

Old Major
Old Major is the prophet of the story. He represents Lenin and Maxim from the Russian Revolution. In his speech, he tells the animals that the root of their hardbearing lives is Man. He tells the animals to rid of Man and they will all be equal and free.

Napolean is a power hungry and greedy leader. He represents Stalin from the Russian Revolution. He cares only of the profits he will gain and not for all the animals he is leading. The animals do not see that Napolean is a bad leader because Napolean backs up his power from behind the scenes. He uses Squealer as his propaganda to tell lies to the animals saying that their living conditions are getting better and better. The animals continue to believe of Squealer’s lies and follow Napolean because they have limited intelligence, have no reason to disbelieve them for many do not remember how it was during Jones’ time, and many animals continue to believe that they are working for themselves while in reality, Napolean has become no different from Jones and they are really working for Napolean.

Snowball-Snowball is a leader that puts his effort into organizing the farm and helping the animals have a better life. He is and idealist and this is his weakness. While he was busy teaching the animals for example, the 7 commandemnts and organizing the farm, Napolean had continued to gain his power from behind the scenes. He continued to degrade Snowball’s ideas and took the puppies of bluebell and Jessie from birth and trained to them to be his workers. As Snowball was about to win the election on building the windmill, he sent the puppies to attack Snowball and became the only leader on Animal Farm.

Squealer represents the propaganda in the Russian Revolution. He is Napolean’s right hand man. His job is to help Napolean correct the animal’s thinking into one that believes the farm is doing great, their lives are getting and better, and that Napolean and the pigs are doing a great job leading them. He is a very persuasive speaker and is known for “turning black into white”. He demonstrated his persuasive skills many times by making the animals believe that the pigs taking most of the profit of the farm is for the animal’s own good for the pigs need or example human beds and all the milk and apples to be able to “think properly” so that the pigs and Naplean can lead the animals to a better living condition while in reality, the pigs are only being greedy.


Dogs: The puppies taken away from Bluebell and Jessie from birth represent the children unwillingly taken away from their parents at birth or at a very young age in the Russian Revolution. The puppies are brainwashed and know nothing but what Napolean has told them.

9 Dogs

Clover is a motherlike animal in the farm. She takes care of Boxer and any other animal that needs caring for. She teaches the animals what the pigs and Napolean want the animals to believe because