Animal Rights Moral Essay

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Professor Price
ENC 1101
28 May 2009
Animal Rights Moral rights of animals should be treated with respect and without exploitation. Some people believe that animals have rights just as human beings do. Advocates of animal rights have different views and different approaches to the issue. For instance, people for the ethical treatment of animals (PETA) primarily focus their attention towards working on a practical improvement of the relationship between animals and humans. They get evolved with many organizations to allow the correct information out. This is just one group that is well known. Scientific researchers use animals to biomedical and veterinary research aimed at improving human health and the welfare of other animals. Many successful medical treatments include antibiotics and vaccines; have been developed through animal experimentation. Many scientists argue that animal experimentation remains a crucial tool for the investigation and treatment of serious diseases such as cancer, AIDS and heart disease. However, I believe this is ignoring the capacity of animals to feel pain. As far as cosmetic testing I am sure there are laws that exist in many countries to regulate the use of laboratory animals in scientific industries. The use of animals in sports has resulted in many cases of animal injury and even death. Laws on badger baiting, dog fighting, and deer hunting help control this issue. Not all countries have these laws, take Spain for example. They have the tradition of bullfighting as a sport. Animal rights advocates have expressed concern over the conditions in many zoos and circuses where animals are kept, claiming that animals in these facilities are forced to live in unnatural habitats and climates, with unsuitable housing and inadequate space. I believe the educational purpose out