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Escobar 1 Roger Escobar English 100 Professor Lance Kayser 29 March 2014 Necessary Testing Without a doubt animals are important to humans and human treatment towards them has become a major issue in society in the last few decades. Animals have been mistreated by humans severely and animal cruelty has become a great topic and has gained much awareness in today's society, to the point where people have learned to treat their animals or pets better and to denounce when they see animal cruelty to the law. Animal Testing may seem just as bad for some people but it is necessary. Finding cures for diseases is a serious need for humanity and animal testing helps for that to become a reality. When it comes to finding a cure for a certain disease at times it may be difficult and really hard to develop, yet once found it must be tested before given to humans. The living organisms most similar to humans are animals and when it comes down to it some specific animals such as mice and chimpanzees have extremely similar DNA. Although it may seem inhumane ,it saves a lot of human lives once a breakthrough cure is found. That is the main reason why animal testing is important even though new ways of testing have risen that is one of the most trusted and secure ways to find out if the cure can be given to humans. Animals are put in danger but its for the benefit of saving and curing human lives. Animal Testing is practiced because animals are so much similar to humans. Animals are the living organisms which have some of the same needs and organs as human and at times they may be even suffering from the same diseases. Impressively mice and chimpanzees have similar DNA to that Escobar 2 of human being and they are 98 and 99% similar. 1These animals make it easier to be able to know if a cure can be given to humans because of the effects which may be brought on them because of the medicine may be the same reaction which humans may have. Animal testing has benefited humans over the last 100 years to the point where every almost medical breakthrough has risen due to the help of animal testing.“Animal research and testing has played a part in almost every medical breakthrough of the last century. It has saved hundreds of millions of lives worldwide...”– Former UK Home Office minister Joan Ryan. 2Countless diseases have been able to be cured because of it and has helped to make healthier lives for humans and being able to live past diseases which were simply lethal in the past and now the cure for feeling better is only a dosage of medicine away. The vaccine for polio was come across thanks to animal research ,insulin was discovered due to dogs having their pancreas removed .“Animal research has also contributed to major advances in understanding and treating conditions such as breast cancer, brain injury, childhood leukemia, cystic fibrosis, malaria, multiple sclerosis, tuberculosis, and many others, and was instrumental in the development of pacemakers, cardiac valve substitutes, and anesthetics”. 3These are all just amazing advancements in medicine and human life which have all come as a result of animal testing. Medicine being where it is today has reached that point thanks to animal testing countless cures and advancements towards treating and understanding a disease to the point where it has helped raise the years in human life expectancy. Even though computer and technology advancements have risen a computer can still not know all the possible effects a medicine can have on a living organism and they do not have the capability of knowing because the brain and other organs are so sophisticated.4 The Escobar 3 most reasonable way to come across a medical advancement without putting a human life in danger is animal testing. Animal testing is the most close to being accurate way to make advancements and find out the effects of a medicine and