Essay about Animal Testing

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Animal Testing, Inhumane or Not?
By: Chris Persaud
Imagine unsafe chemical compounds used recklessly on innocent animals, causing illness and even death. Just for the purpose of creating a new perfume.
Sadly, this is the truth behind a lot of big named make-up and perfume companies, as well as other companies using potentially dangerous chemicals. To test the chemicals animals are used to experiment and modify said chemicals. Various pains and afflictions are thrown at these animals in the name of “progress” to a better product. Animal testing is an inhumane process, in which we as humans, abuse the life forms around us for our own material gain.
Most animals which are experimented on are not included in the Animal Welfare Act. This act prohibits the physical abuse of animals, not to mention the mental abuse these animals receives from the experiments. Only a small 5% of experimented animals are accountable under the Animal Welfare Act. The other 95% aren’t that lucky. Animals such as chimpanzees, rabbits, dogs and cats are experimented on in a daily basis, most of which end up dying or at the very least are not able to transition back into their regular lifestyle.
Animals used in experiments are subjected to numerous forms of horrors such as (but not limited to); force feeding, food deprivation, and mutilation. Coupled with pain inflicted in numerous ways. Most people would think of the processes as inhumane, but scientist justifies their action “as a way to provide safety to future consumers”. They believe that animal testing will reduce the chance of infections or mutations that might cause