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Animal Testing

Testing on live animals should be illegal. This is because; testing on animals is harmful and inhumane, there are alternate test subjects rather than animals, and animals and humans are different, so the testing done may not actually prove safe on humans.

Animals are not the only subjects that could be tested on for beauty products or cleaning products; there are other, and more humane ways to test products. For example, instead of testing a living being, try using a human cell. Because, the cell is human, and not animals, it would give a more accurate result rather than almost the same result. Another alternative is testing on artificial human skin. It might not be real skin, but at least it saves one more animal. One last approach to testing is using models on computers or a virtual experiment. With advanced technology today, it is not impossible to recreate a human and “test” the toxicity of a product electronically. The last reason why animals should not be used is they are not humans.

Although, animals are the closet organisms to humans, a product that is proven safe on a hamster may not have the same affect on a 20-year-old woman.
When doing trials for make-up on animals, putting mascara on their fur may cause a rash but when putting it on eyelashes of a girl, it could leave blisters or nothing at all. Because humans and animals have so many differences, both species react differently. With diversity in features, skin, and structure,