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English 112
20 July 2011
Annotated Bibliography: Vehicle Standards Today and Tomorrow "Auto bailouts, two years later: new study finds U.S. aid to the auto industry averted loss of more than one million jobs." Detroiter Jan. 2011: 26. Gale Power Search. Web. 20 July 2011. This website is about the government assistance that General Motors and Chrysler received to help get them out of bankruptcy. It also talks about how many jobs were saved in 2009 and 2010 by the bailout. Then it goes on to talk the $80 Billion the government loaned the auto giants and how they been doing an outstanding job repaying the loan. Finally this article talks about the recovery of the auto industry and how it is exceeding everyone’s expectations.
This source come from the delta online database so I think it is a credible source.
Although this article has good solid information in it, it is not quite the information I need for my research paper.
“Cars and Light Trucks.” U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 2011. Web. 20 July 2011. .
This website talks about controlling emissions in passenger cars and light trucks. It includes consumer information, vehicle standards and regulations, certification and compliance, fuel economy, and test data. It also talks about the direct and indirect cost associated with the rules. In addition, it covers procedures testing highway and off-road engines and omnibus technical amendments.
I think this is a credible website because it is a government ran website.
This is a very good website to use in my paper because it has a ton of information I can use in my research paper. The only downfall is this website is very difficult to navigate through.
” New auto standards: the start of Obama's green revolution.” The Christain Science Monitor. 19 May 2009. Web. 20 July 2011. <>. This website is about President Obama’s announcement on tailpipe emissions with a commitment that goes beyond the regulations of the auto industry. The move is part of a white house strategy to confront the risk of global warming. It also talks about Obama’s plans to tighten carbon emissions on US cars for the first time. Part of the plan is to have the average fuel economy reach 35.5 miles per gallon by 2016.
This website is credible even though it is a .com because it is filled with news articles for the US and the World.
I am going to use this website in my research paper because it talks about information that is related to my topic
” New Auto Standards vs. Old U.S. Preferences.” The Washington Post. 20 May 2009. Web. 20July 2011. . This article is about the cars of the near future and how they will be lighter, more expensive and maybe smaller. The big engines will shrink and more cars will be hybrids or diesel like those in Europe. Then it talks about how the new fuel-efficiency and tailpipe-emissions will push automakers and motorists in a direction that reduces U.S. oil dependence and the emissions of greenhouse gasses. I think this is a credible website because the Washington Post has been around as long as I can remember and tries to report non bias articles.
I think this is a useful site because it talks about a few things the others don’t and I could use that information in my research paper.
“Obama announces new fuel standards.” Politico. 19 May 2009. Web. 20 July 2011. <>. This article is about how President Obama announced plans for a notional fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards. This if the first time that there has been a nationwide standard for emissions of greenhouse gases. The new regulations require an average mileage standard of 39 miles per gallon for car and 30 miles per gallon for trucks. The new standards are for the 2012 to 2016 models and are going to add about $600 to the cost of a new car. I think this website is credible because it