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Annotated Bibliography
Slang words in a modern day community:

Hauck, Darren. “Linguists mixed on effects of text messaging.” USA Today 14 February, 2003. Margarete Stettner a 13 year old girl admits that text message lingo often slips into her homework. She often replaces the word “you” with a simple letter of “U”. Teenagers hampered by limited space and the difficulty of writing words on numeric phone keypads, have helped create the text-messaging lingo. Linguists studies have shown the short messaging communication has become an undisciplined habit among American youth. A study by Upoc in 2001 found 43% of cellular phone users ages 12 to 17 used text messaging, compared with 25% of those 30 to 34. This will benefit my essay because this article actually deals with a teenager who admits to being guilty when it comes to using the text lingo in her school work. That proves my argument that the texting language in society has caused a negative impact in the school field. It shows that one can not portray their intelligence in their work when they are to busy abbrieviating words and not having correct grammar.

Henry, Julie. “School bans youth slang and sees exam results soar.” The telegraph 19 Jul 2008: Print.

An article in the Telegraph was written about the ban of “playground patois” when talking to teachers and other students inside the school grounds. The principle discusses that formal language must be used at all times in communications with adults and pupils have been told that street slang should be "left at the school gates". Kathy August a head teacher at the academy states that "Language is really important and we have to make sure pupils realize that.” You may be to get an A on your exam, but when going on an interview you must be able to speak in the appropriate register or else you will not be leaving with the job.

This will benefit my essay because I am researching the use of slang and its effect in the modern day community. When schools begin banning a certain use of words on there territory it means it is an issue that is hurting the students and there futures.

Lytle, Ryan. “How slang affects students in the classroom.” US News 13, June 2011.

The way students communicate with one another through social media and text messaging is stretching across classrooms throughout the country. Slang terms and text-speak such as idk, smh, and btw have become a common sight on student assignments. Terry Wood a teacher in Leonardtown, MD. discusses that she has scene a dramatic decline in the writing abilities of her students because of tweeting, facebook and texting. She talks about the way students don’t capitalize words or use correct puncation or grammar anymore. Most students probably don’t even relieze they are doing it. They are so caught up in the social media they are not thinking about spelling words right.

This article will benefit my essay because it discusses the effects of text language in a high school society. I currently witness this now so I think it is beneficially to see others outlook on the situation such as teachers and professors.

Rousseau, Maureen. “How slang reflects and affects modern society”. Yahoo Voice 4 April, 2007.

The development of slang begins in social circles, which often brings to mind cliques of teenagers and minorities. Slang" is a word that many of us usually associate with poor grammar and questionable diction, but what most of us do not realize is how much slang we use in our own