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The Life, Wives and Scandal of King Henry VIII: Three Catherines, Two Annes and a Jane
Wilson,Derek. A Brief History of Henry VIII. 30-43 Running Press, 2009.
Derek Wilson really paints a picture of Henry VIII and the fanaticism he had with his own succession. Wilson describes when King Henry VIII became certain that his current wife, Catherine of Aragon, could not give him male heirs, and how he began a fight with the Catholic Church to have a marriage of twenty-four years annulled. This situation intensified until Henry eventually broke down completely with the Catholic Church, and began his own religion. He also further emphasized his power as a supreme ruler. Henry created laws that enabled him to destroy his enemies, take their lands, and plunder the churches. This particular section of the book accentuates how Henry extorted money from his people, who were already experiencing severe poverty while rewarding his friends and going on expensive escapades.
Ridgway, Claire. "Anne Boleyn’s Coronation Procession." April 6, 2010. (accessed 10/6/2010).
This essay explains that King Henry VII only had formal coronations two out of six. King Henry VII and Katharine had their coronations at the same time. Different from other wives, Anne Boleyn had an extravagant and costly coronation even though she was to be executed three years later. The essay goes on to explain that Anne’s coronation was not widely accepted even though the event itself was extremely detailed and expensive. Anne Boleyn was very unpopular lady and apparently, she was insulted and laughed at, at her own coronation. Her reputation, according to Ridgway, was that Anne wriggled her way into being queen by manipulating King Henry VII. Anne was currently pregnant at her coronation with who would be Queen Elizabeth I. Her pregnancy was cause for a swift marriage to Henry and her coronation.
Hall, Edward. "The coronations of Henry VIII and Katharine of Aragon." November 4, 2005. (accessed 10/2/2010).
This essay portrays the coronation parade, that is customary the night before, to Westminster and they were received with great enthusiasm. Hall goes on to say that the custom is that both Henry and Katherine spend the night before their coronation in the Tower of London, which is ironic seeing as that is where Henry’s later wife, Catherine Howard was beheaded. Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon were jointly crowned by the Archbishop of Canterbury at their coronation. A banquet then followed the celebration at Westminster Hall. In honor of the coronation and festivities, many new Knights of the Bath were produced. King Henry VIII christened twenty-six new Knights, many of which were close friends. On the day of the coronation, the essay describes Henry and Katherine as wearing red robes and being preceded by the nobility, as they walked down to Westminster Abbey along a carpet that was sprinkled with flowers and other delightful things.
I, Mary. "Letter of Princess Mary to King Henry VIII." November 4, 2005. (accessed 9/28/2010).
Princess Mary was the daughter of Katherine of Aragon. The following letter was Princess Mary’s way of defending herself against the King. The letter explains that she acknowledges that she was an illegitimate child of Henry’s and that any statement she made otherwise was untrue and not meant to offend. She also states that the marriage between her mother and the King was “incestuous” and “unlawful”. Most of the letter is her apologies and her submission to the King, on behalf of offending him by stating that she was his daughter. She asks him that he be gracious and takes great mercy on her.
Starkey,David. Six Wives: The Queens of Henry VIII. 2 ed. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers, 2003.