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Gurney, Gerald S. "Stop lowering the bar for college athletes." The Chronicle of Higher
Education (2011).
This scholarly source is a chronicle that overall explains how the NCAA should re-establish eligibility standards for athletes in order to ensure a minimum skill set to compete in the classroom. It goes in depth with statistics and other research that help prove how college athletes, specifically men’s basketball and football, are qualifying for a world-known education and yet, not performing well in the classroom. This chronicle is a reliable source because it was published by NCSU. Although the chronicle may seem biased towards a specific group of student-athletes, it is still a good source for understanding the standard criteria freshmen have to meet in order to be eligible. This fits perfectly into the research we’ve been conducting in class as far as meeting certain time demands and criteria for student-athletes. This source will help me further my research and help me evaluate the challenges the NCAA faces when it comes to the integrity of a higher education.

Jenkins, Marc. "United Student-Athletes of America: Should College Athletes Organize in
Order to Protect Their Rights and Address the Ills of Intercollegiate Athletics, The."
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The research data goes into depth about what college athletes do after they participate in varsity sports and how much income they receive in the professional world. Also, the data shows the number of athletes that fail to graduate. This is a creditable source because it was published by the MIT Press. This source goes hand in hand with the research we’ve been conducting in class because it authenticates how athletes are missing out on their education because they are focusing too much on