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Bauerlein, Mark. "Common Core As Tactical Advantage." Academic Questions. 26.1 (2013). Print. Common Core is designed to give students more in depth ideas and analysis of subjects such as literature. It incorporates a wider range of literary subjects such as “‘The standards mandate certain critical types of content for allstudents, including classic myths and stories from around the world,foundational U.S. documents, seminal works of American literature, and the writings of Shakespeare.’” Common core is also responsible for designing tests that are different from today’s tests in order to better test/analyze the concepts learned by the Common Core Curriculum.
Kendall, John S. Understanding Common Core State Standards. Alexandria, VA: ASCD, 2011. Internet resource. Common core is formed by the CCSSI to develop a set of shared national standards ensuring that students in every state are held to the same level of expectations that students in the world are/should be. Students are all held to the world’s highest performing countries and Common Core ensures that they achieve the standards of the world’s highest performing countries are, and that they gain the knowledge and skills that will prepare them for success in post secondary education and the global arena. - standards are designed to require 85% of instructional time available - students are followed quickly by curriculum development - cross state standards; consortia of states -the knowledge and skills required to be a college-and-career-ready; international benchmarks; state