Anthem: A Short Story

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It was an early morning. No sunshine, just the gray, cloudy sky. As usual, I wake up and prepare a breakfast for me and Gaea. I prepare a lunch and fill my backpack full of supplies that I may need today. Today, I am looking for the generator that may power my house. When I make my way down the steep mountain to the deep forest, I hear birds singing and crickets chirping. Though, the sky may be sad, the animals are not. I see this wire that snakes through the forest. I follow it. The wire seems longer than a mile. When I reach the end, it has been snapped and there is no trace of where the rest of it is. I search the area, no luck. I make my way back to the home. As soon as I walk in the door, I realize what tomorrow
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It takes hours for our child to be born, but when the child is born we find that she is beautiful. By the next morning, Gaea is sleeping deeply and so is the newborn. Our daughter’s name shall be Hebe, meaning goddess of youth.
We walk past the last row of trees and through the grassy field. I do not see a city running as if nothing happened. I see a collapsed society that is on fire and unorganized. It is a sight that neither me, nor Gaea can comprehend. Buildings are collapsed, people are rioting, fires are out of control. When we enter the city, it's a whole new place. I walk through the entrance of our former home. International, an old friend, runs up to us, shocked at us. “You're alive? What has happened to you?” “I have come to retrieve my friends to start a new life.” “I? We have been worried that you would have been taken by the beasts that trudge through the forest.” I explain the events that have happened since I have left. International seems confused, almost shocked. He immediately wants to go. He tells me of the nightmare that he has lived in since Gaea and I left. He explains that there is a rebellion of people just like us who want a life of choice and are over throwing the councils. He ,then, tells us that the rebellion is over and they are lost on how to run their