Antigone Essay

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In our world, there are many opinions about how to run communities, countries, and various other things. Some people believe that there should be only one person, known as a king, monarch, or dictator, that has control over everything. That person would make all of the decisions which would affect everyone. Other people believe that the society should not be run by one person, and instead be run by a group of people that work together to try and do what is best for the people. There really are several pros and cons of each type of way to run a society, but in my opinion, I think that the latter is more appropriate, where several people work together. One of the big pros about this is that the people living in the society can elect the people that run the country, so really, they have a say too. That is just one reason why I believe this. You will be hearing a few more as well. Like I previously said, a huge advantage for this method of government is that people have a say. That really does seem to make a lot of sense, because who else should run the country, and help make the decisions of the community than the people living in it? When the people elect the representatives to be a leader, than they are helping to decide what they decide is best for them. I believe that that really helps make communities stronger. Not only are there good things about several people running the country, but there are also quite a few bad things about it being run by only one