AP Human Geography Essay

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The population growth is biggest problem in old days and modern days. There are lots of people that are born every hour and die every hour on the earth and still the population growth is getting bigger. The population growth is increasing in the world at a fast pace. The BBC’S mike Gallagher say as the world population reaches seven billion people, they were asks whether efforts to control population have been as some critics claim, a form of authorization control over the world’s poorest citizens. The 7 billion peoples isn’t small number but it’s the biggest number. There needs to be a strong plan put into effect to slow the growth of these nations, without hurting their economic growth or political stability. There are several ways in this article that they suggested about the ways which people or nations can tried to control population growth by starvation, birth control, having one child per family, and education. One way to control population growth is birth control. “China promoted birth control before implementing its one-child policy.” Mohan Rao say “there was a massive demand for birth control among the world’s poorest people, and that if they could get their hands on reliable contraceptives, runaway population growth might be stopped.” I think people should not do abortion because you are killing the god gift. “In 1983 alone, more than 16 million women and four million men were sterilized, and 14 million women received abortions. I know abortion is the way to