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Nate Bierman
Period 2
Abortion is the most controversial women’s right. Some believe women should have the right to terminate pregnancy, if they feel they can’t handle the pregnancy in the best way they can. Others feel it is murder, and totally wrong to abort pregnancy. I believe life begins at the moment of conception, and abortion is wrong at any age of life, just as murder is wrong at any age of life.
People’s opinon on abortion is certainely divided in this country. The two generalized positions on the topic are Pro-Choice, and Pro-Life. Pro-Life advocates feel abortion is wrong, and that every fetus has a right to live. Pro-Choice is the opposing side. They feel the right to abortion should be the woman’s right, and therefore the choice be up to her. In this country, there are different factors that affect peoples’ opinion on this issue. Many Americans have moral and religious views, such as the common religious practice of Roman Cathoclism. In this religion, it is seen as morally wrong and sinful to have an abortion. This belief leads many to believe abortion is wrong. Another huge factor in dividing America’s opinion in this matter is the political parties found in our society. It is true that Democrats are majorly Pro-Choice, while Republicans are marjorly Pro-Life. However, the majority of Americans today are still Pro-Life, fifty-one percent of them.
An important reason Abortion is wrong is the associated health risks that come with it. Studies have shown that women who have