University Of Phoenix 125 Week 1

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University of Phoenix Material

Appendix I
Part I

Define the following terms:

|Term |Definition |
|Ageism |Prejudice or discrimination on the basis of a person's age |
|Baby boomer |a member of the baby boom generation in the 1950s |
|Americans with Disabilities Act |A federal law that prohibits discrimination against people with physical or mental |
| |disabilities in employment, public services, transportation, and places of public |
| |accommodation, such as restaurants, hotels, and theaters. The law also requires employers |
| |to make reasonable accommodations to allow employees with disabilities to do their jobs. |
|Visitability |is an international movement to change home construction practices so that virtually all |
| |new homes, whether or not designated for residents who currently have mobility |
| |impairments, offer three specific accessibility features |
|Accessibility |easy to approach, reach, enter, speak with, or use |
|Disability |A physical or mental condition that limits a person's movements, senses, or activities. |
|Inclusion |The action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure: "the |
| |inclusion of handicapped students |
|Deinstitutionalization |The release of institutionalized people, especially mental health patients, from an |
| |institution for placement and care in the community. |
|Special education |education of physically or mentally handicapped children whose needs cannot be met in an |
| |ordinary classroom |

Part II

Identify 2 or 3 issues faced by the aging population.

1. Employment Concerns 2. Retirement 3. Social Security

Answer the following questions in 150 to 250 words each:

• What is being done to address the issues you identified?

Today as the baby boomer generation is entering their 50’s there is much concern for the effects of ageism at the workplace. AARP and many other agencies have lobbied and many laws have been enacted to prevent ageism in the workplace. There are federal laws as well as separate state laws that prevent age discrimination in the workplace. AARP is one of the most avid and outspoken sources for information on ageism and many other topics concerning those 50 and over. Today their work helps enact laws all across the country to protect the rights of those over 50. Another key issue that AARP is fighting to preserve is the Social security program as well as Medicare. They are steadfast in their fight to ensure that everyone who has paid into Medicaid and Medicare as well as social security gets the benefits of their investments. While many legislators are trying to cut budgets they are constantly lobbying to protect the rights of the elderly as well as the soon to retire. Many private companies are also there to help people with free investment advice and with ways to stretch their retirement budgets. Also new laws and programs like the reverse mortgage which I am against but many people utilize in order to fund a