Aphorisms: Meaning of Life and Human Beings Essay

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Tuesdays With Morrie

I believe that the aphorism that personally speaks to me is "Are you trying to be as human as you can be?". First of all, we have to know that what does make us human and make us different from animals and other creatures. Is it the ability to express emotions, love, hate care and etc. We know that animals have the same ability of showing love toward their children and other animals just as we human have. Therefore, it shows that having the ability of showing emotions such as love, hate, anger and etc does not define us entirely as human being. So, the only trait that separates us from other creatures is wisdom which draws a distinction between the good and the bad. Other living beings cannot differentiate between the good and the bad but human beings can and this is the only attribute that makes us different from them. There is another trait that makes us unique from other beings i.e. our ability to think rationally, make relationships and connections. Human beings have unique superiority over other beings on the earth. We are not only able to think rationally, which other beings cannot, but we are able and have the power of using that knowledge and implementing those thoughts to reach the highest level of accomplishment and success. Now, the question arises that "How can we act as a human?". I believe that to act as a human means to exhibit emotions of love, affection, care, responsibility, annoyance, hatred etc and to help others no matter you know them or not because every human being has a connection among each other known as humanity. We help each other even the person we don't know because we have that certain kind of feeling that prompts us to help others. Furthermore, we must respect everyone's dignity since we all are God's children. This is the definition of human being to me and this is how a human reacts. It is not mandatory that everyone will exhibit these emotions or this behaviour because it varies person to person. Some will be very caring and affectionate but some will be rude and arrogant. To sum up, there are different types of people out there. But we can change our self and try to be a good human being. I believe that no human being can be a perfect human being. I regard it as true that like everybody I have a lot of flaws and weaknesses in my personality too. I am an outraged person, a bit impatient, less talkative, less friendly (in the way that I don't become friends with everyone) and intolerant. But the thing I like about myself is that I try to learn from my experiences and I have succeeded pretty much in scaling down these flaws and I am still trying hard to depress these faults. I have some experiences in my life that forced me to think about these weaknesses and forced me to try to put an end to these faults. The example that I can quote from my life is that once someone called me rude because of some misunderstanding, and I got surprised at it because we didn't even know each other and I believe that it's not right to judge someone without knowing them. So, I