Argument Essay On Gun Control

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In the U.S. there are 88.8 guns for every 100 people. This means that there are almost a gun for every person in the United States which could lead to some potential problems because the people who own guns are either responsible or having a gun is potentially dangerous with it in their possession. There need to be more laws on gun control to help prevent mass shootings from occurring around the U.S.
This problem of not enough gun control affects everyone from infants to elders because many people die in mass shootings at the hands of people who should have a gun. According to, “Guns were the leading cause of death by homicide (66.6% of all homicides) and by suicide (52.2% of all suicides).” This comes in part from just the occasional
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The debate about gun control has only increased in recent years due to the frequently occuring shootings around the country that have had numerous casualties. These debates are not going anywhere because most political figures have been paid money to support their campaigns by organizations who don’t want more gun control laws, and if these politicians go against these organizations they lose money. However organizations that want more gun control also pay politicians, but these organizations don’t have as much money, so they get out done by gun rights organizations. According to, gun right have “contributed $22.9 million since 1989” and gun control organizations have, “ $4.2 million since 1989.” These numbers show that most politicians are being paid to not implement more gun control laws while according to, “84% of Americans support expanding background checks to include private firearm sales and purchases at gun shows.” For political parties according to Pew Public Views About Guns, in 2017 78% of Democrats supported gun control alongwith 18% of Republicans while for gun rights Democrats supported it 20% while Republicans support it 79%. This shows that the political parties have very strong opinions about what they believe. There are a few ways to implement more gun control