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Gun Possession
Nathan Tomilonus
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September 8, 2014
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Gun control is a major controversial issue throughout the United States and even throughout the world.

Gun control is a major controversial issue throughout the United States and even throughout the world. No matter what the government decides to accomplish with the decision on gun control some civilians will be unhappy and others very ecstatic. There is multiple valid arguments for and against gun control, this depends on your personal opinion on gun control. I personally believe you shouldn’t completely ban all guns but also not to avoid this very serious issue of gun massacres and gun killing. On average there is 10,000 homicides per year in the United States. The United States also on estimation have nearly 283 million firearms in the country and U.S.A is nearly averaging one firearm per person which is including infants. In my opinion, I think that is way beyond the amount we should have per person in the country. Considering more than 30 people per day are shot and killed by a gun, which that statistic is absolutely ridiculous. Gun massacres and homicides not only injure and kill many people but they also causes the country money for medical costs, cost of the criminal justice system, and also lawyers and judges and many more.
One argument against gun control is that; in the United Kingdom they experimented with the idea of banning all firearms from civilians, as the gun death rate decreased other deaths and murders drastically increased. The majority of people seemed to think the cause of this incident was more civilians could not defend themselves with their own personal firearm. Another argument against gun control is if a gun shooting does break out, the surrounding civilians would be able to fire back. Considering they will have their own personal firearms to be able to kill the shooter or to hold him off until stronger forces respond. The counter argument would be if the massacre didn’t have easy access to an automatic gun to start off with, he probably wouldn’t have been able to kill as many innocent people or even attempt to kill any innocent people considering it would be much more difficult with a pistol. Also, there is absolutely no reason for any civilian to own a semiautomatic, automatic or a pump action weapon. In fact more people have voted for some sort of gun control or banning of specific firearms. The percentage is only 54% to 46%. Which is not a very big margin, this is why the government has not declared the banning of any firearms to this date. Although the government is the reason why a lot of civilians want access to automatic weapons, they are afraid the government will one day take away all their rights and force civilians to do whatever the government pleases. This reason is why they want automatic weapons to protect and to defend against the government. But even if they did have an automatic weapon, one assault rifle will not work against a whole army if the government