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Argumentative Essay An interracial family of cats lives behind your house. The family includes a blue cat, a red cat and a purple cat. A man wearing a black suit, a blue tie, and carrying a large suit case asks to use your cats in a commercial for IAMS cat food. Would you say yes? Advertisements featuring interracial families have generated vituperative comments online. Nevertheless, interracial families should unquestionably be allowed in commercials for they have influenced alliances between countries and help sell the product. Furthermore, it is the advertiser’s and the company’s choice to decide upon whether they should include interracial families in their commercial. “There are many types of families and Cheerios wants to celebrate them all’’ said Ms.Tutterow. Interracial families should be celebrated. After a 900 yr war the country of Africa and Rome make an alliance due to the fact that the queen of Africa and the king of Rome are getting married. The king and queen are two different races if, the king and queen where the same race then an alliance would not be formed. Thus, I say interracial families are important and should be recognized in advertising material. The ad will “absolutely not” be withdrawn said Meredith Tutterow Associate Marketing Director. If you refer to the first sentence in this paragraph Meredith Tutterow is the associate marketing director and she says the ad will “absolutely not” be withdrawn. She says it because she has the right and power to withdraw this advertisement. You do not. It is the company’s choice if they want to remove the ad or not. If you are not the associate marketing director then you have no say.

Lynne Collins a spokeswoman at the agency said “It is important for us to make sure the work reflects the people were trying to sell the product to” The show of an interracial family in this commercial helped sell the product to interracial families, people related to people in an interracial family, people who are friends with an interracial family, people who agree with interracial families. Hence