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Don’t Let the Diseases Win Can you imagine your loved ones dead because of people out there who believe others with diseases shouldn’t be allowed into the U.S.? People who have deadly and contagious diseases such as Ebola should be allowed to enter the US; everybody should be able to have a fair chance. Though at the moment it is allowed, many people are having doubts; let’s make those doubts vanish! If we stop letting people in, we’ll have given up, and that is never a good thing “Those afflicted with the disease Ebola will have a higher chance of survival at a treatment center and are less likely to be contagious,” says the New York Times. When they have a better chance of survival and are less likely to be contagious, it’s better for everybody!

To further explain, The World Health Organization says, “The average Ebola survival rate is 50%, and will keep increasing or decreasing based on what America decides to do.” Lots of people are saying they want Ebola Survival rates to increase, but they think keeping infected or possibly infected people will do that for them. Incorrect.
50% means that half of the people that have Ebola have a chance at survival. If America decides not to even try, this percent will decrease drastically.

Most people can easily argue that having a disease affecting one person is better than affecting a whole population, however, these people don’t think about what they would do if they were the ones infected. If people want a higher rate, then