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March 5, 2015
Argumentative Essay
RHT 101
Motorcycle are not the safest means of transportation but millions of people all across
America choose them over automobile for the thrill, speed and high performance capabilities they offer in fraction of the price of a automobile. Motorcycle do not provide the protection like automobiles do with their outer body and safety features like air bags and seat belts, therefore in case of an accident the injury sustained by the rider is often very serious. When dealing with motorcycle accidents, majority of the fatalities happen due to head injuries which could have prevented had the rider wore a helmet. Helmets are the only method to reduce the head injuries during crashes which is the leading cause of death involving motorcycle accidents.
Helmet use law has created a lot of controversies over the years, while some supporting the law and other opposing it. One side who support the law believe that the helmet law protects the motorcyclist from danger in case of an accident and save the nation a good deal of money.
While, the other side believes that the law is unconstitutional and it violates their right to freedom. Although helmet cannot prevent motorcycle accidents but greatly reduces the number of deaths caused by head injuries during these crashes as well as helps in lowering taxes, insurance cost and health care cost.
Who supports the helmet law? If you were to guess a motorcycle rider, you would probably be wrong. The majority of the helmet law supporters consist of manufacturers, government agencies, and insurance companies. Many states passed mandatory helmet laws in order to receive federal funds for highway repair and improvements. Most important, is the fact that helmet manufacturing is a large and profitable industry. According to the National Highway

Traffic Safety Administration, in 1999, there were four million motorcycles registered in the
United States (DOT, 1999). States gain to profit from the tax revenue generated by the sale of helmets. The mere fact that the state has a financial stake in the sale of motorcycle helmets is reason enough to support the law. Insurance companies are in the business of making money. It's the opinion of the insurance companies that if a rider wears a helmet, he or she is safer and less likely to suffer serious injuries in an accident. Fewer injuries equal fewer claims and more profit for the company. It's not very hard to see why insurance companies are supportive of the helmet law. Motorcyclists are usually very safe drivers who are well-trained and take every precaution. Because of the risks of motorcycle riding and because motorcycles offer no protection, motorcycle riders are usually cautious and very aware of their surroundings, even more aware than other vehicle drivers. Of course there are always drivers who take unnecessary risks or are not cautious enough. This is true of both motorcyclists and other vehicle drivers.
Oftentimes the cause of accidents involving motorcycles drivers who fail to see the motorcyclist.
Even though motorcycles are compact vehicles, they weigh almost 1000 pounds. Most regular motorcycles are around 900 pounds and produce approximately sixty-six horsepower.
High performance bikes are much lighter, weighing in at around 440 pounds, and produce up to around 160 horsepower. In a high speed impact situation, this can mean catastrophic injury or death for the rider. The Highway Loss Data Institute has also reported that motorcycle accident fatalities are increasing. Avoiding risky behavior on your bike at all costs is extremely important and high performance motorcycle riders should be aware of risks and statistics and be even more careful. The most essential item of gear there is, is also one of the simplest. A motorcycle helmet is basically just some styrofoam glued into an outer shell, with a hole cut in the front so you can see out. In more detail, the Styrofoam is made in several layers of precisely