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Brayan Meza
Mr. Jackson 1A
September 2, 2014
Battle of Gods
The Earth's fate is decided upon a battle between a god of destruction and a saiyan from another planet. The saiyans mission was supposed to destroy the earth but does the exact opposite and protects the earth from evil who threatens it. one of the great things In this Movie is the voice acting. They use the same voice actors from the Dragonball Z Series and they sound great after doing it for 20 years, they add great emotions in to the characters voices,
“Vegeta” still has the same raspy, hostile voice and the voice acting is hard because they have to scream a lot at moments and Goku still has that friendly kind voice and the animation is the best out of all the movies. They really outdid themselves in this movie on the animation had some flaws at time though, I didn’t like it when they transitioned the animated battle scene into a CGI scene because it looked like play dough dolls. While the CGI scene was going on, if you look closely they look kinda wiggly.
“The pace of the movie is pretty slow” I agree with what people say because at first because they’re introducing a new form called “Super Saiyan

God” and they have to add a background to it .but when it comes to the fighting, it’s really impressive. in the first fighting scene, Goku meets the God of destruction Bills. At first Goku goes all out but gets beaten by two hits by bill because the god of destruction is out of his league, Bills is a warrior not to mess with because everytime he wakes up, gets upset, galaxies are destroyed and bills is basically a Sphynx breed cat that looks Egyptian and he has a short temper.
Maybe the biggest problem to you guys is that there isn’t as much action as there is talking. People honestly expected too much fighting but don’t forget that this