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Karli Najera
5th period
April 15, 2014 Uranium mining on Mount Taylor? There should be no mining done on Mount Taylor because of health issues, environmental problems, and tribal problems. Today many people have been affected by uranium mining, from health problems to environmental problems. All these things have a big impact on the environment and its people. Uranium mining has been proven to cause a range of health problems to the people surrounding the area of the uranium mining sites. The waste from the uranium mining sites is what causes these health problems. The health problems of the uranium mining would be asthma, respiratory problems, kidney problems, and different types of cancers. As a family in the area of Mount Taylor Bertha Nez Says, “The kids have asthma, my sister had cancer — lymphoma — then my dad, and some people that worked in the uranium mine, they have respiratory problems and some have kidney problems."(Jung) Not only does the exposure of uranium mining create health problems, but it also dirties water, which can lead to a lot of water pollution. If this polluted water is drank it can lead to medical problems Uranium mining causes a lot of damage towards the environment. Uranium mining can erode the soil and cause it to break down which can lead to many other unhealthy things, such as destroying crops and food we eat. Uranium mining on Mount Taylor can cause problems throughout the tribes. This is because Mount Taylor is very sacred to the tribes surrounding the area. The tribes include the Navajo Nation, Hopi, Laguna, and Acoma tribes. This mountain has history towards the tribes. Many religious things happened in Mount Taylor. This Mountain is a part of their culture and tradition. As the Governor of Acoma says about Mount Taylor “is essential to our maintaining our cultural heritage and vital to providing the resources needed to sustain our Pueblo people. This has been the impetus for seeking the designation.” (Matlock) The tribes wouldn’t…