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Mary Barr

Becoming an Adult

When becoming an adult everything changes. The transition from being a child to an adult can be a very hard and emotional experience. You have control of your own life and not being told what you “need or should be doing” by parents or teachers. But you still have to follow the rules of society and all of the responsibilities that come along with being an adult.
Before a person becomes an adult they need to have the ability to think forward. This should be established during the teenage/ high school years. Sometimes, as an adult in order to get the things you want. You have to think ahead so that you can them off in a reasonable amount of time. But when spending money on things you want so like a lot of fun. Right? Well how about paying taxes on something you think has no purpose in the life style you choose to live. Like paying taxes for schools, highways, bridges, etc. By becoming an adult it can be very stressful at times because you have to make decisions and think of the consequences of the action to follow. You have to be able to manage your costs of living. When the transition from child to adult happens. You quickly realize that in the way society works nothing is ever handed to you. The people of society expects from a child and an adult for you to have a respectful and honorable attitude. Most of the time in order for someone to do what they want to become in life. They have to act nice, dress nice, and play nice with everyone around them. Because you’ll never know who is watching. The difference from being an adult from a child is society expects you to do all of this on top of being on time to everything. A child could blame someone else. An adult as to take responsibility for being late. But my question is an adult allowed to make a mistake ever in life? The real world knows nobody’s perfect and that sometimes we will make a mistake. But it all depends on how they decide to deal and treat the mistake. Obviously a “mistake” is treated differently from being late to work than from killing someone. Society has a system/ balancing act of how things are supposed to work. Even though you many on see society a certain way everything is every structured. Some people believe that society has continued to exist because we are being a smarter structured creature but less able to communicate with another living breathing person. The way society has continued has caused this generation to become more dependent on their support system. The reason by this has happened is because society has become laxidasical and unmotivated. Since this generation has become more immature than others. Does this make the future adults of society unreliable and careless? Society has the age of becoming an adult eighteen. My question is do we have to have a set age of when someone becomes an adult or does a person maturity need to be determined by a specialist. Since people mature at differ stages in their life does this make an age set by lawmakers simply set because of science or because of politics. Scientists say the brain isn’t fully matured until