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Organic line

This is Candy, she is very quiet and the most calm of my three dogs.
She is very still and very unenthusiastic.

Rectilinear Line

This is Lucky, She is very mischievous.
She likes to hide in anything she can find.

Concentric Line

This is Lucky's favorite chair and toy,
Lambander, She doesn't sleep without either of them.

Spiral Line

Candy's tail is the only tail that seems to curve, and especially when she's happy.

Radial Line

Lucky's face is voluminous and poofy.
She likes it that way.

Symmetrical Balance

This here is the baby of the family.
Swizzle Malarky. He likes to get up close and personal.


Candy is the only one who likes to lay in nature. The rest are couch potatos.


Between Lucky and Swizz, Lucky is top dog in the house.

Light and Shadow

Candy was confused on which way to go.


This is Lucky's favorite Halloween costume. This is the only one she is willing not to take off.


Candy is the most gentle and soft doggy.
Look at those big eyes.

Time or Motion

Swizz is super hyper all the time.
He can rarely stay still.


Red is lucky for chinese people.
She is our first dog, and my love.
She means everything to me.


Candy's lease set her on the right track to her destination.

Unity and Variety

They all have their differences.
But they all love to walk (more like run) everyday.


Like I said Lucky is top dog in the house. She likes to be first in everything.

Cool Feeling

Swizz here likes to stay in my bed room because my room has the better AC.

Warm Feeling

These guys like to get out.
No matter what the