Article Review: Making Monsters Into Celebrities

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Amanda Churchill
Sociology 110.10
March 18, 2015
Reflection/ Reaction #4
Making Monsters into Celebrities I read the article Making Monsters into Celebrities by Jack Levin. The article title sounded interesting so I wanted to read it, so I decided to do the reflection on it. It was interesting how the main idea of this article is about celebrities turning into serial killers. I know a lot of people are becoming famous on Vine, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook for their videos. There are two people I follow on Facebook to watch their videos which are Tiffany Alyssa and Ben Buckwalter. Last year in English 101 class, a girl in my class did a research paper on serial killers and the background. It was pretty interesting because they said you can tell who is going to be one from toddler years. They did a lot of studies about their actions that you can watch out for. I think a lot of people who become famous they take it out of proportion. i been to a lot of concerts and even got to meet the artists and most of them are rude except Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, and Rodney Atkins. As Jack Levin says, American’s have lavished celebrity status on a range of human beings considered exemplary or extraordinary, including military leaders, politicians, business leaders, scientists, entertainers and leading sports figures (Levin, 39). I think the people who become famous take the popularity and fame to far sometimes. They think they are better than everyone else when they still do illegal stuff. You see famous people getting into trouble all the time on the news, magazines and other internet sources. They do drugs, are violent, and other crimes. Jack Levin says serial killers appear quite aware of their media impact as well as their celebrity. I remember when I was a little girl and always watched Mary Kate and Ashley they were always getting into some kind of trouble and they also had eating disorders. Some football star got charged with dog fighting I remember people talking about it. Just because there famous doesn’t mean that they don’t get into trouble. Miley Cyrus finally brought out her true side, she isn’t the same girl I remember growing up to. She is a wild woman and is always doing crazy stuff. I think celebrities are more often to commit worse or more crimes than regular people because they don’t think they would get caught or that they won’t get in trouble as much as a regular person off the street. Becoming a popular culture celebrity is an important part of the motivation that inspires serial killers to continue committing murder. Once they are identified with a