Articles of Confederation Essay

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Articles of Confederation Well with these things about between Hamilton and Jefferson took off as a good competition on the debate between the Federalists and the Antifederalists. When it came to these two people during this time, they were arguing over the laws and rules for the health benefits of each state. First for Hamilton, he had really thought that the central government acting’s would be interested in the commerce and the industries. The only thing is that Hamilton had really brought the public to life, love of efficiency, order and the organizations of things. Jefferson has recognized the values of strength of the central governments with the foreign relations, but when it came to other things he did not want it strong at all in a lot of other aspects. He had feared of tyranny and the thoughts in the terms of freedom. In other words of aspects the United States actually needed both influences. When it came to both Hamilton and Jefferson, both of them argued the most on a certain subject on health care for each state. One believed that the people should pay for health care while the other in needed of help should be supported by the state or government. But yet everyone should have some form of health care. For each state of whether or not they should give health care or not to their people should depend on their own state on their own laws. But for my opinion, I believe that each state should have some health care for some people, whether or not they have