Assignment: Want and Key Stakeholder Groups Essay

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In this assignment, I will talk about what is the main communication problem BP is facing and what are the causes and symptoms of this problem. Next, I will show you what are the key stakeholder groups and what issues are they going to be focused on. After that, I will discuss how BP can use the communication model to decide what information to communicate to each of the key stakeholder groups and what channels to use for doing this.
The main communication problem facing BP is what Mr. Hayward said to the reporters. His words make people uncomfortable and cause the political and public reaction to BP. Also people think BP in order to save money and reduce safety standards caused this accident.
BP had a safety problem and it didn’t stop using the Deep water Horizon oil rig, because of they need a balance between risk and return. It caused this horrible thing happened in the Gulf of Mexico.
It caused the damage is very broad, also there still have a lot of problems need to deal with. But fortunately, Mr. Hayward bring his crisis team to try to find a solution, he try to talk to people and calming their nerves.
The key stakeholder groups no doubt is the USA. They need oil, all over the world need oil. In case they still have enough oil, they let BP to use the Deep water Horizon oil rig to drill more oil they need, in the other hand they still want to balance between risk and return. So, they sacrifice safety to earn what they want.
If BP want to use the…