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Journal One: Identifying Conflicts from Other Sources
Elaine Tate
ENG125: Introduction to Literature
Debra Norris-Rich
January 23, 2015

We face conflicts in our life every day; theses can be with other people, society, and social media or even within ourselves. In social media you have to keep from responding to a very bad comment in order to keep from starting an argument. Music can also have conflict, because the artist has to overcome the struggle of being able to satisfy the public’s demand.
Individual vs Individual conflicts can be sports, football, or basketball, this type of conflict is the struggle of one team to be victorious against the other team. Another everyday life conflict is Individual vs Nature, it has been very cold and icy here in Memphis, and it has made the streets very slick because of the ice, sleet and snow it has made trying to get to work very hard. Individual vs Society conflict, the pressure from society because a person is different, society wants you to look a different way or act a different way. We have to be true to ourselves regardless what the outside world thinks.
Individual vs Technology conflict, technology is changing every day in today’s world. It is very hard to keep up and be proficient with it. I always encounter problems with trying to keep up with antivirus software it is a constant struggle with the different viruses always popping up. Individual vs Self conflict, I am always at battle with me, my trying to go to school and work, I keep saying to myself that I cannot do it, when all the time I should be saying I can do. I watch this movie The Doctor in which he is very rude and mean to everyone, but in the end he becomes transformed into a very different person.
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