Assisted Suicide Research Paper

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There are many deadly diseases out now a days, and even with the advanced technology that we have many are still incurable. Causing patients in these situations to be put through excruciating pain. There for assisted suicide or Euthanasia, which ever you would like to say, should be legal. Assisted suicide is such a highly debated topic still till this day with enough pros and cons on both sides of the argument that it has to come to no resolution.
A Lot of people's initial reaction is the same when they hear assisted suicide, mainly to do with the fact that they don't know exactly what it is. Assisted suicide comes into discusión when you have a patient suffering from a deadly disease and medications can no longer prolong it or help with the pain. Of course no one knows the intense pain these patients feel, besides the patient themselves and others that have experienced the same, so we don't know what goes through their heads. Assisted suicide would allow doctors/ physicians to take a patients life with a patient's consent of course, with a lethal injection or something of the sort. People claim this whole act is immoral and is murder, but if you really ask yourself is it murder? What's more immoral to take someones life if they ask to, because of this condition, or to say no and let them suffer until they died naturally. Knowing that the medication they take isn't helping them at all and because of this there going unbearable pain. For me this question is pretty easy to answer but not everyone thinks alike. That's why till this day this topic is highly debated. Assisted suicide is only legal in Oregon, Washington, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. When assisted suicide is conducted it is normally an injection that takes care of it. Sodium thiopental is used to induce unconsciousness, pancuronium bromide (pavulon) causes muscle paralysis and respiratory arrest, potassium chloride stops the heart. In other cases it's a really high dose of morphine that's given to the patient.
When people hear my opinion about this whole topic I always get looked at a weird way, but like everything I have my reasons. I was 14 and just got home from my middle school graduation, I was excited because I knew change would be evident but I wasn't ready for what was in store for me. Two of my uncles came over and after a short discussion, which seemed likening longest in my head, I found out my mom had cancer. She was suppose to have surgery the next day on her leg but that was unrelated. She had an 80% chance of dieing due to high blood pressure and other bad health conditions.she lived in medio so me and my sister took the first flight down there. She went through surgery fine so we all felt relieved, she left the hospital and came home. She was recovering pretty quick from surgery and we were all glad, but what my siblings never told me was that the cancer was already at it's third stage. I was doing all I could to help my mother because she couldn't walk around due to the surgery. Not knowing that the cancer was slowly spreading to the rest of her body. This was around the beginning of July when all of this was occurring. My mother started having pain and burning feeling, she would always say. At first it wasn't bad she would take her medication