Australian Jobs Essay

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Australian Jobs 2013
Section 1 – Jobs by location (p4)
1. How many Australians are employed?
2. Where are Australians most likely to work? (describe the location and list the states in order of employment highest  lowest) (look at the map for your data)
The Changing Labour Market
3. List the four factors which have meant that today’s workforce is different from the past.
4. What three factors have led to an improvement in labour market conditions (pre-GFC)?
Recent Labour Market Development
5. How was Australia affected by the Global Financial Crisis?
6. What was Australia’s unemployment rate at the time this data was published? How does this compare to that of Europe, USA and UK?
Regional Australia (p5)
7. How likely are people to be able to find work outside capital cities? Explain the difficulties employers face in trying to recruit workers to regional areas?
8. How might the above factors be relevant to you? (consider age and qualifications/skill levels)
A Multispeed Economy
9. “Some states perform strongly while others struggle.” Explain what this means with reference to specific states.
Section 2 – Industry Overview p 13 – 15
10. Which are the five largest employing industries in Australia?
11. Does your preferred future occupation fit into any of these industries? What might the implications be for you in terms of finding work? Explain.
12. Give reasons for the following
87% of workers in construction are male
79% of workers in Health Care and Social Assistance are female
The workforce in Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing is relatively old
The workforce in Accommodation and Food Services is relatively young
Part time work is the most common (59%) type of work in Accommodation and Food Services
Only 7% of those working in Mining work part time
13. Give an example of how industries may be “inter-related”.
14. Look at the table of statistics on page 13. Look at the column of figures “5 Year Change to Nov 2012”. List the industries that have had “negative growth” ( from greatest to smallest).
15. What reasons can you suggest to explain this pattern for each of the industries mentioned.
16. Look at the column of figures…