Average Human Height Essay

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Malc sat on the floor legs crossed calmly eating the food that was but before him placing it on his lap ignoring the people in the cell across from Name: Astriella "Delirium" ElivanAge: Looks mid to late 20's.Occupation: Anarchist, war monger, assassinAppearance: Long golden hair, Trim and lightly muscular, one purple eye the other blue. Very pale skin. Average human height. Race: Unknown.Weapons: Madness: A bow made of bone. The string is made of a strong, sharp material, it able to cut through flesh and metals alike.Discord: A hand carved staff. The wood black as night without a moon. It has an aura of fear and death about it and is only able to be held by her as it can drive anyone else mad and sick.Abilities: Mastery of illusion, necromancy, posions, and all general black magic. Proficient in elemental.Siren: Her voice hold power. She can easily manipulate people with her words. Singing enhances her abilities, making her spells stronger or can enthrall opponents.Bio: Astriella, a woman of many names. She topples empires, ruled worlds, and even saved the universe a few times, not as much for everyone else as her own well being. She found herself in The Realm after an atempt to recreate a planet, but this is the end of her story...Once upon a time there was a work. It was brilliant and beautiful. She was just a youth when the planet was attacked and destroyed by the Grawyl. Many were killed some were captured, tortuered....She was one of thise unlucky enough to have fallen. Astriella's race had potent magical abilities but were a peaceful people. The Grawyl wanted to harness that potential for there own army. They intent to exploit by melding race into one of slave warriors. The Grawyl had steps to achieving a take over of there minds and abilties...first break tge spirit, then torture them, work them, till they think nothing but please the masters. This worked for most and the ones it didnt were killed. They could always breed more...Astriella had broken, her spirit shattered after watching her mother ripped apart…