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The nature of discovery encompasses the experience of discovering something for the first time or rediscovering something. It could be sudden and unexpected. Self-discovery is one of the most important discovery we discovery in our journey.
Self-discovery is a journey. Journey that refers to a travel, pilgrimage or series of events whereby a person attempts to determine how they feel, personally, about spiritual issues or priorities, rather than following the opinions of family, friends, neighbourhood or peer pressure. It is the main aspect of life. Self-discovery shows who we really are and what path we want to take in the novel, Away by Michal gow, gives a good example of how self-discovery is important part of see the concept of self-discovery in every movies, shows, anime, poet and story. Naruto an anime by Masashi Kishimoto also illustrate the concept of self-discovery.
In Michal gow novel “away” the kind of discovery experienced is of creativity, emotional, relationships and self-discovery. Away opens with a school performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the great Shakespeare themes of suffering, regeneration and reconciliation persist. The play is set during Christmas, time to re-enact the rituals of the summer holiday. Three Australian families Set out separately but are driven together by a storm. At times funny and yet painfully truthful, away exposes the comedy and tragedy of their lives. But in all this mess they self-discovery the importance of life, happiness and family. Same goes for Naruto. An orphan kid left in the world of shinobi ( ninja world), find himself left out and hated by everyone for what he hold in him, nine tail monster who once destroy his village and killed his parents . He then meets his friends; teachers who stand by his side and help him to discovery of who he really is and who he wants to be. In his journey to become the best ninja and hokage (leader of the village), he encounter many enemy who lost their path because they could self-discovery the aim of their life. Naruto is perfect combination of comedy, action, tragedy and action.
My poster is unique and colourful, conveying the message of self-discovery. My background is white representing naïve, new start, and blank but as different images and colour are added, it gives meaning and life to the poster. It is like people’s life when they are born they know nothing but as time pass they made different discovery about themselves and learn more and more about themselves, people around them and about the world.
My selling images is a writing “self-discovery is a journey” reflecting the messages of self-discovering being as a journey, journey that will lead to your future. Journey that will determine what you will turn out to be in future. In the play “away” when all three families go on a holiday, in this journey they discovery the importance of family. They learn how family is most important than any other work and their happiness is what matter the most. In Naruto, they set out in a journey to discovery and learn more about ninja world. They discovery things about themselves and each other, and realize what they want to be. Naruto’s friend Sasuke, doesn’t self-discovery of what he wants but his hatred for his brother (because his brother killed his whole clan including his own parents) blind his judgement and doesn’t