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Assignment 1
My Writing Life

My writing life begins as a twelve year old girl attending Keon Park Primary School.
I was given an assignment by my teacher which involved writing a newspaper. Until I began the assignment I had no idea just how powerful and magical writing could be. I quickly started to realize the exciting opportunity in front of me. I could create a fantasy world, my own world, a place where everything is as it should be – according to 12 year old Kate.
I begin to form the basis of my paper which will include various articles, a fashion preview, movie reviews and a sport section. My ideas of what the world will look like in 2030 excite me and I immediately begin this task.
Like most children I have no idea about serious world issues, my knowledge stretches as far as grade prep to grade six curriculum, what was happening on Home and Away and if my AFL team had won over the weekend. I know that my general interests are the subjects I want to include in my newspaper but just how far am I allowed to push the boundaries?
Thirteen years have passed since I was given that assignment and I cannot help but giggle to myself whilst reading over the sport component. “COLLINGWOOD ARE UNSTOPPABLE” reads the main newspaper headline, followed by various mini articles. My favorite article surrounds Collingwood’s arch rival Carlton and their inability to win a game for the remainder of the 20th century. The importance I had placed on Collingwood throughout my newspaper draws strongly on a family tradition I inherited upon birth. The tradition was passed on by Eleanor Mary Burns, my Nanna. The football religion Nanna encouraged allowed myself and her other grandchildren to experience and see firsthand the unwavering support required when you are committed to something you love.
It pleases me to see my passion (Collingwood) revealed throughout the newspaper articles. It shows that even at the age of twelve my writing was fiction focused and aimed to express my own realistic and slightly exaggerated ideas. Today this is still the case. This newspaper was the first hint that writing would play an integral role in my life.
The second hint came recently when my Nanna passed away, at such a sad time in my life I felt it was necessary to express my feelings. I did so by beginning to create a memoir filled with memories surrounding celebrations spent with Nan and my family. The first and only installment begins here…..
Since born, my life has been filled with precious memories spent with my family; whether it be Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter, visits, someone’s birthday and most recently weddings and christenings. No matter what the occasion we spend it as a family and celebrate the only way we know how – together.
Nan’s house on Christmas and Easter morning is without a doubt a moment we look forward to every year. Even as adults, we still feel the same kind of excitement that you would expect from children. While entering Nan’s house on these occasions, you are immediately flooded with presents, hugs and kisses from different family members. Even with these distractions you have one mission in mind (Other than finding a seat in that lounge room which seems to shrink every year) and that mission is to find Nanna and embrace her with love and well wishes. That moment is far more valuable than any gift money can buy. Now, just a treasured memory forever locked in our hearts.
New Year’s Eve has been spent at Nan’s house every year, the night is spent with music playing, drinks flowing and family and friends surrounding each other. My favorite