Ballroom Dancing Essay

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This paper will be designed to give suggestion to the instructor to help aid the student retain all of the information presented in Ballroom Dancing class. I personally have a terrible memory, and while I truly do look forward to class every week, it is only once a week. That being stated and obvious, learning four dances and all of the steps in one two hour period (technically 90 minute session) and then retaining all of that information is pretty tough for most people, for me it is a true challenge. Perhaps inquiring into making the class a 3 hour class with two meeting time per week—think Tuesday and Thursday 6:00PM to 7:30PM would help many students, especially ones like me retain the information much better. Even if the class couldn’t be extended to a three credit-hour session, a two night meeting class that lasted 6:00PM to 7:00PM with an option to stay late would be just as helpful. I personally am not one of those students who opts for advanced steps entirely because I can hardly remember which steps go with which dance, which leads me into my second suggestion. We learn four dances and about five or six steps per dance plus the basic steps in roughly thirty hours of instruction. It sounds like a daunting task, but when students really are into it, the task at hand really is nothing to be afraid of and is actually very natural feeling. Remembering all of those steps and which dances they belong to is the daunting part. A possible and probable easy fix for people like myself with terrible memories would be to have a handout or packet of each…