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On one early morning ,April 7 1925. Ida Bidson was only fourteen years old. she driving her car to school at elk valley Colorado with her seven year old brother Felix and friends. Her t fort car had problems. The brake and clutch was not working good. The car finally stopped. They saw the school house on top of the hill. The school was on the south west dirt road with a small shallow pond. They couldn’t wait to meet there teacher.

Ms .Fletcher is a middle age woman with black hair. she thought eight students. Felix and Mary were in the second grade. Ida and tom were in the eight grade. The sat in back row. the other for children four thought seventh grade sat in the other benches. she loved to teacher. but she had to leave because her mom had a stroke. And so they were looking for a replacement. it was the last day to teach. Ms Fletcher thought for five years. Ida has something to say. She said a poem. Every one like it .Ida called Mary to give miss Fletcher a gift basket with a jar of jam, a cake, two apples, and a bag of cookies. miss Fletcher was happy. Before she left she hugged the children one more time ,and then she left because Mr. plum stead was goanna drive her to the train. The kid tried to go back in school but the door were locked. They saw a window open and ida climed in to open the door in the front in the school house. They went in but Herbert said the school is closed and it will be opened eight thirty sharp tomorrow morning

Ida was sitting at the supper table with her parents she announced she had to be in school half an hour early. Because the school board has a replacement for miss Fletcher. Ida was surprise they voted for her to be the new teacher. But she had to take the final exam. But her farther wanted to her to work on the farm with cows and chicken before high school but give it a chance good luck. Ida and Felix got to school early. They crawled thought an open window and sat in the teacher desk. And she got the chills thought her body. She took off her coat and put it on the teacher hook. She force her self to sit in the teacher chair and ,looked at the empty row and desk before her and said to her self I’m only fourteen years old.

I’m still your sister but at school call me miss Bidson. Now I much talk like a teacher.
At eight thiry the bell rangs, it was time for the children to come in the school. They started the day by singing Amazing Grace. The children fill the hole class with joy.
They finished singing and sat on their seat. Mary and Felix will read their primers. Tom
And Susie will study their math. Most of the children had different things to do. It was the middle of the morning . It was time for recess. So they went out to play for a little
While. They went back to school and started working on their work. The day went so
Fast it was time for dismiss. Old clock time to go home.

A tall woman came into the school. Ida recognized her. It was Miss Sedgewick from the County Education. She came to inspect the school and gave the exit exams.
On June the eight grade students will take their examines diploma. She would know many will be there because the examination was very hard. She look at Miss Bidson
And said “you are very young but have everything in order“. Ida talked to the children because some of them were anxiety because miss Sedgewick did not come back to school. The next day school started as usual as the hour passed, the sky was getting darker and darker. There was a big storm coming. They need to get some wood to light up the lamp. After lunch, the storm came strong. They watched the water come down the window. They never saw a storm like that. After the rain, Mary read a poem to the class. The poem was called the bee. they liked it. Mrs. Jordan come in dripping wet and said as of now this school is closed.

The next day, Felix and Ida stood home. Felix was more happy to work with his father repairing the barn the sheep…