Bang! Gun Violence Essay

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James P. Weaver, IV
World Civilizations II
Professor Blang
October 27th, 2014
Bang! Gun Laws Blown out of Proportion Tuesday, 7: 26 P.M. A dusky, unforgiving sky approaches as sunlight yellow-tape reading “CAUTION” is extended across the unchanged, backbiting pavement that has somehow converted into a deathbed for countless inner-city youth in Chicago. Channel Seven news delivers an all-familiar message—“another teenage victim of gun-violence…” Though gun-violence has become a staple in urban areas like Chicago, it has become an epidemic all over the country. Even though horrific shootings have taken place these last few turbulent years, there should not be stricter gun control laws because guns are used as means of protection, it is a constitutional right, and the issue is not the gun, it is the gun-owner. These days firearms can be easily obtained. Given that, various guns have become extremely accessible in the black market thus making firearms both lucrative and attractive selections for criminals. Various gun control supporters strongly believe that the ban of guns is the most efficient approach in regards to protecting citizens. Yet, the ban of handguns actually does the opposite. Prohibiting handguns inhibits one’s ability to effectively defend themselves when necessary. Merely banning handguns all together is useless. Individuals who are, both, responsible and appropriately trained, firearms are certainly the best method self-defense. Handgun exclusions strip this alternative away from citizens who could potentially need them if a harmful situation ever arises. In essence, laws against handguns are categorically laws against self-protection. Government enforced handgun bans will not halt criminals and felons from acquiring guns. Nevertheless, they will impede upon a law abiding citizen from purchasing a gun for resistance against harm. Banning handguns leaves citizens vulnerable, and this is a serious problem. Firearm bans practically hand the advantage to the criminal. A law abiding, American citizen will not break the law and possess a handgun if they are banned, however a felon would. Criminals are not concerned about violating a gun regulation. Criminals do not follow the law, so creating stricter gun control ordinances to firearms is not efficiently equipping citizens for dangerous situations. Gun control is only generating additional laws to break. Handgun bans remove an extremely valuable self-defense method from citizens, which, in turn, leaves them even more susceptible to harm. An alternative reason why the ban of firearms fail to defend and shield individuals is because the bans do not address the actual problem. The real concern behind firearm crimes and violence is not the handgun itself, but rather the possessor of the gun. There are numerous uses for handguns, and those uses can be either negative or positive depending on the individual. It is the operator of the handgun who governs the actions the gun will perform. The owner decides whether it will be used as recreation and sport, such as target shooting and hunting or as a self-defense or even a murder weapon. American society views handguns as a horrific epidemic, they do not understand that the banning of handguns could result in more gun-crimes due to the advantage being given to the criminal. Laws and edicts cannot determine how firearms will be used by the owner. Regardless, it still comes down to the person holding the gun, and that is something a ban can and will not change. People who intend to use guns for bad or illegal means will find ways to get the guns no matter what the law is so why try to regulate and restrict what guns or how many guns people can have