Gun Violence Persuasive Speech

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What can I do to make the world a better and safe place is removing all the drugs and guns, giving people another chance to get their life together and do better far as school, jobs and loving them self.

The reason why I say removing drugs and guns is because its messing up our youth not only them our society hurting a lot of people behind all of this. Gun violence seems like it will not have a ending to it putting so many people in danger. Having a gun in your hand make you feel like your in control or like their is some kind if point you have to prove. They don't think before they pull that trigger they just do it now there life is on the line. Your freedom will be soon took away. Guns are a sign of war or revenge when it shouldn't be like
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How can you do that? Well start them off with going yo school and focus on bettering there self. Most people drop out of school because they wasn't getting no love or support they needed so that's where the drugs come in play they think that's gone help soothe they stress when it hit twice as hardes. Once they saw the street love everything went wrong but they don't see it yet into more people start passing away or start getting locked up. Pregnant teens thought they whole life was over because they was having a baby when it really wasn't they just need a good push. So why not just sit down and help those people not giving them an education is not going to make things safe and better for them because soon as somebody start being they down fall they running back to the streets. We can help our society do better for they self getting in school and off the streets is the main thing then, getting a job is another. Showing these people love some of them is so use to being judged they don't know what real love is. So I think if we make those few changes the world would be so much better and safe going somewhere without a bullet flying passed you and people not judging you as much also success and you will see so many businesses and doors opening for more people that's willing to get that