Essay on Barries Of Critical Thinking

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We all know that television affects a lot of people. Television can have many interpretations, it influences language development, cognitive development, vision and memory, and social skills. Watching things on television really makes me think. For example, I’ve always thought visual media was the easiest way for me to process information. I’ve struggled with understanding certain things that are done on television. This causes me to theoretically think, coming up with reason after reason why was it done that way. However I’ve learned that most commercials are ad and this is the way that companies get their products sold.
In addition, family also has an influence on the way I think. I’ve mention before coming from a not so stable family that doesn’t care about anything. When I was younger I use to think to myself what would I turn out to be. Having to be around people who did drugs, drunk alcohol, and depended on the government for a living was difficult. Now that I’m older and on my own I just wonder why they didn’t do things different, just to set a positive example. I have the hardest time understanding why someone would want to struggle when they have the ability to be stable. I’ve overcome this now because I now have a family of my own and I want what is best for us.
Finally, friends can either make or break you. When I got older I soon learn who my real friends where. I’ve learned that when you try to think ahead, think positively, and come to the conclusion where